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Standard Wellness News

Notable headlines related to the team’s medical marijuana cultivation facility:

DEC 2017

Months of anticipation end as Ohio announces Standard Wellness’ license to grow.

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“The last of Ohio's 24, highly sought-after medical marijuana cultivation licenses were awarded Thursday, ending months of anticipation but leaving many applicants and industry observers with more questions about the process.

The Ohio Department of Commerce winnowed 185 applicants down to 24 winners -- 12 level I licenses for up to 25,000 square feet of grow space and 12 level II licenses for up to 3,000 square feet. The department announced the 12 large growers on Thursday."

Source: Who Won Ohio’s Big Medical Marijuana Grow Licenses? 5 Things to Know, Cleveland.com


Hudson, Ohio-based cultivation firm awarded Level 1 medical marijuana cultivation license.

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“A Hudson-based firm learned Thursday that it will receive one of the 12 Tier I licenses to grow medical marijuana in Ohio, and will move forward with plans to build a 50,000-square-foot cultivation facility in Sandusky County.

Standard Wellness Company LLC, with its headquarters at 77 Milford Drive, Suite 232, was approved Nov. 30 by the Ohio Department of Commerce to build and operate the Level 1 medical marijuana cultivation facility in Gibsonburg, in northwest Ohio.”

Source: Hudson Company Selected, Will Grow Medical Marijuana in Northwest Ohio, MyTown NEO

NOV 17

Standard Wellness recipient of Level I cultivator license in Gibsonburg, Ohio.

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“Gibsonburg will host northwest Ohio’s only large medical marijuana grow site.

The Ohio Department of Commerce on Thursday announced license approvals for 11 Level I cultivators, which can have grow operations of up to 25,000 square feet. Standard Wellness Company has proposed a cultivation site in the village’s Clearview Industrial Park on the eastern edge of town.”

Source: Large Medical Marijuana Grow Sites Approved, The Blade


Gibsonburg town, mayor excitedly welcome Standard Wellness.

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“Excitement filled the village offices on Thursday after administrators were notified that Gibsonburg was chosen by the Ohio Department of Commerce to house a Level 1 medical marijuana cultivation facility.

The facility, one of 12 selected in Ohio,  will be the largest in the area with 25,000 square feet of growing space, according to Mayor Steve Fought.
‘It's really a great day for Gibsonburg," Fought said. "We are the largest one in the northwest.’"

Source: Gibsonburg Gets License for Medical Marijuana Cultivation Plant, The News-Messenger


Standard Wellness approved to build medical marijuana cultivation facility in desolate, empty field. 

“...Gibsonburg officials say this announcement is a testament to what they call the ‘Gibsonburg way.’ That’s pride in the community, pride in yourself while having a chip on your shoulder. In this case it paid off.

Right now it’s an empty field on Commerce Drive near County Road 66. On it sits a lonely piece of construction equipment. But by next September you'll see a 52,000 square foot building growing medical marijuana.”

Source: Medical Marijuana Grow Facility Approved for Gibsonburg, 13abc

July 17

Standard Wellness eyes Gibsonburg for possible medical marijuana cultivation facility. 

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“Pending approval from the state, Standard Wellness Co. will be able to start construction of a facility to grow medical marijuana in the Village of Gibsonburg.

Mayor Steve Fought said village council has approved an ordinance authorizing the sale of property at Clearview Industrial Park to the company where the marijuana will be cultivated.  A public meeting to answer questions from residents was held Wednesday at Gibsonburg High School.”

Source: Medical Marijuana Facility May Locate in Gibsonburg, The Press